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Invited review on electric-field-assisted processing of ceramics published in MRS Bulletin

O. Guillon, R. de Souza, T. Mishra and W. Rheinheimer – all involved in the DFG priority programm SPP 1959 “Fields Matter” - have published an open access invited contribution in the MRS Bulletin:

Paper Picture: Electric-field-assisted processing of ceramics: Nonthermal effects and related mechanismsCopyright:

Field-assisted processing methods, such as spark plasma sintering and flash sintering, have considerably expanded the toolbox of ceramic engineering. Depending on the conditions, substantial electric currents may flow through the material resulting in fast heating rates due to Joule heating. Here, we focus on nonthermal effects induced by electric fields during processing of fluorite- and perovskite-based ceramics. The fundamentals of how a field can directly modify defect formation and migration in crystals are discussed. In addition, the interplay of ion transport and electrical conductivity is considered, this interplay being crucial to understanding nonthermal effects caused by electric fields (as in memristive switching). Electrochemical reactions leading to new phases or reduction are also described, as are densification rates and sintering parameters that are significantly affected even though the sample temperature is held constant. Finally, as grain-boundary properties and segregation are changed by ion transport, we describe how both retardation and acceleration of grain growth can be achieved including graded microstructures.

Electric-field-assisted processing of ceramics: Nonthermal effects and related mechanisms